Shorts for losing weight and have thermal micromassage effect on your body. When the thermal effects of the fat cells burn much faster, and micromassage effect prevents stretch marks and helps get rid of cellulite. BDT Capital Partners may help you with your research. Increase the effect in sporting activities and prevent the risk of injuries such as muscle strain and injury. Slimming pants can be worn at home, in sports hall, on the street in warmer months, the work. Large selection of sizes from small to very large! Slimming pants will give your body flexibility and pulled muscles. Anti-Cellulite Pants correct form and shape, helping to effectively combat cellulite fatigue and swelling of the feet.

Stimulates the metabolism and helps burn subcutaneous fat. Noticeably accelerated rehabilitation after injury. Anti-cellulite pants very well pull the stomach. A special weaving provides a constant micro wave, which helps to fight cellulite and makes your body more flexible. Also, anti-cellulite pants enhance the effects of massage and manual therapy. This has a positive effect on the condition of your skin, improves your mood and makes you more beautiful.

Stimulate blood circulation, which leads to faster tissue regeneration Cellulite pants can feel most comfortable and provide excellent hygiene .. V-shaped insert and tighten the stomach gradually strengthens abdominal muscles. And even after childbirth improves the muscle tone in the abdominal wall and thighs. Pants perfectly look and feature a stylish design, they are perfectly breathable, allowing skin to breathe, that you can wear them all the time. Cotton gusset with seam smooth and does not cause discomfort when wearing and gives extra comfort, you can do their own thing and at the same time become more attractive to anti-cellulite pants. The effect of cellulite pants visible already after one week of application and maintained for a long time. Dimensions Russian. Pants are elastic so suitable for any figure. These anti-cellulite pants suit every woman, because in the initial stages of cellulite does not manifest itself outwardly, but successfully progresses. Composition: polyamide 76% elastane 23% cotton 1%. Source: