In the century of the competition, the search for the exquisite, needs society want this and I want it now, results, etc emerges the figure of the leader. Have been written thousands of columns, articles, looking for the perfect leader, showing tools that can help get be a number one in that field and my opinion is that tools, are still looking for resources and that this century is scarce of natural born leaders. The leader born or made? That’s one of the questions that make me more when I give a lecture or course and the response remains ambiguous. It is not clear if the leader was born being leading or is giving way according to the experiences and the experiences that the person collects over the years. There are people who feel leader, others are leaders by nature and unaware of it and others will spend their lives trying to be a leader for others.

We should stop and think that should be required a leader other than the attitudes that hundreds of books expressed in its pages as being assertive, empathetic, flexible, maintain an active listening to Anthony Robbins, you define as the most motivational speaker in the world capable of bringing together thousands of people in his speeches, in one of its articles the formula for success offers guidelines to follow to be a perfect leader, and among them are the here listed, although there is one that attracts me much more than the others: passion. Ever since my opinion a leader must feel passion for what they do and most important to know transmit it, should know to use resonant wave that creates that passion to his around, capturing the attention of others and know convey what you want to execute or carry out. Many may wonder where I want to go, and the answer is: the emotions, emotional state, everything what are not skills and do not go into career books, anything that is within us and that only those who know how to use it become authentic leaders.