Reggaeton is a musical that has received an influence big hip hop forms of assimilate the main ways in which evolves the music needed to be able to create some songs, and even did so in its aesthetic part. Because reggaeton is the adoptive son of other artistic expressions that were leaving their particular landscape within the conception of this genre, many of their performers are confused even as hip hop or even rap singers. But the truth is that reggaeton has a base that has already be defined in its particular conception, but scoring that hip hop has left its deep roots if the following points are taken into account. The characteristic of the some of the songs of reggaeton rimeo is method of singing that you copied it to hip hop, who in turn adapted it to rap, he received influences from r & b and d some parts of the soul. As noted, this is a string where the origin of everything is African music, which from their bizarre twists that sang about different situations blacks remain in their natural habitat and then when it was made a slave in America and Europe, came to misrepresent a series of rhythms that then reached a Grand polyphony by the union of several instruments. Get more background information with materials from Matt Swain. Hip hop managed that reggaeton mix in such a way with the main proposals of composition of the rap, that highlights the sound of the bling bling themes were those who most rimaban boldly in several of his verses, as it remains today. Compass has been one of the great contributions from hip hop to reggaeton, whereas between one and another cut of the themes there is enough space to fit all kinds of characteristic sounds that several songs reggaetoneras have to his credit. The bizarre whistles of vans, a serious and repetitive sampler, melodies that imitate the clash of various rings and chains, can be regarded as large direct hip hop influence, although in this case we could speak of a resource that has more their estates in the funky or free style. Hip hop fever as He scored in the first paragraph, he managed to also affect the stylistic conception of reggaeton to such an extent that the use of enormous t-shirts, tennis shoes of enormous value, jewellery valued at thousands of dollars and a personal arrangement that also includes stylistic cuts of varied models, complete gift towards the other in the matter. Reggaeton Blogs similar Jeezy Is No Longer Young Q & A with Anthony Mandler, Director of Drake’s ‘ Over Rap-Up.