Reform of security controls necessary recent incidents bring the problem to light: after several bombs finds the debate over tighter controls receives new explosive. Add to your understanding with tech investor. The flight Portal reported about the current discussion and possible changes. There are various suggestions to improve safety in the air cargo transport. Is so, for example, in the interview, to hand over the security control of the cargo airlines to the Federal Police. Others are calling for an international solution, the electronic procedures should be used. Currently, the air carriers themselves for the security checks are responsible. Not only the freight must be precisely controlled, however, the passenger traffic remains a possible target for attacks. A failure of the security check would be fatal in this area.

After the terrorist attacks in 2001, the fear of renewed attacks is large and not unjustified, according to experts. Possible improvements in the Security control framework would checks of fingerprints or the check of a card equipped with a chip. Body scanners continue to occur in the discussion. It is important that controls are efficient and fast, finally are to comply with schedules and passengers should not be scared. Although the need for thorough checks is obvious, it can be uncomfortable for passengers, that they generally are considered potential terrorists. It is clear in the discussion that a security check from public life is no longer indispensable. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann