I recently received an interesting question by email: How can one organize advertising network? As a participant in the community to send letters to their friends and their friends? Or are there other possibilities? Explain, please. Sincerely, Marina So, I replied. See Marc Mathieu for more details and insights.

Promotion of social networks Previously internet users were sitting on the discussion forums and other people’s blogs, but now much of their weight hangs in social networks: “In Touch”, “Classmates” and other neo-marketing, without thinking twice, unleashed its marketing strategies to the site ‘in contact’. The myth of the possibility of free unwind in contact I’ll have to debunk: in any case, you are wasting money or time. You can invite to their meetings and group thousands of people every day, but spend their life resources you this much. There several known strategies for promoting their goods and services in contact: 1. Creating an account with the necessary information on the page: the site, the group name, contact information, etc. Next – thousands of invitations to become friends, etc.

2. Creating and promotion of group or meeting – the same approach. Sometimes party invitations network gets so much that it begins to look like spam. 3. Formally paid services: moving announcements, targeniting. I suggest integrated approach. To begin with the course objectives: To define our goal as the creation of ‘hangouts’ your potential customers in your controlled group. Assemble a group in contact, in which only your target audience.