Why most online stores fail? The 10 most important reasons are: 1 – has No visits. 2. Do not have a segmented and qualified web positioning. 3 It lacks completely of usability and persuadability. 4.

Design and browsing it is confusing. 5. The architecture of links is not made well. 6. The visitor can’t find what you looking for in less than 6 seconds, because of the poor structuring of the online store. 7. Presentation of unordered information.

8. The owner of the shop online not advised or not account with no recourse by the designer of its online store regarding issues of Marketing, customer loyalty, and much less in how to write titles that call to action of the visitor. 9. Many online shops owners resort to the implementation of Advertising Banners for third parties in the most important sections of the online store, making in this way that the visitor loses all interest for his services and access the Banner Ad. This is an error very record, the banners and links of third parties must be in a paragraph created expressly for this purpose. 10 Store online is not optimized for search engines. All these factors make the visitor to locate best purchase options in competition. If you are thinking about buying a store online or a web page, v. that the company or designer web have minimum knowledge in website optimization for search engines, this will be the most important step devera having your website or online shop addition of good design and advice that you may have by the company responsible for the design of your webonline marketing techniques and attraction of qualified traffic to your website. Tips: If you are thinking about buying a domain name for your website, have encuenta that the domain name is very important for web positioning in search engines. If the theme of your website is sales of agricultural machinery, devera have encuenta that the domain contains the word more important key to position your web. Example of name of domino with the keyword agricultural machinery: venta-de-maquinaria-agricola-nombre-de-la-empres abortus – city also garantuee have encuenta keywords position, once you have a list of keywords, you will need to optimize your website for your selected keywords. Example: If the most important keyword for sale of agricultural machinery v. that the company or designer web both optimize the title as the header and all the content of your web page with the selected keyword. Example of a title optimized for the keyword agricultural machinery for sale title: sale of agricultural machinery in the province of Huesca descriptive title repeat the keyword position: sale of agricultural machinery in the province of Huesca, we have the best deals from agricultural machinery in the province of Huesca. The heading 1 and heading 2 have to contain the same wording as the title and the description, in this way you will be telling search engines that your site is relevant for this search term. This is my contribution today, courtesy of Dissenystrilla: original author professional web design and source of the article