NLP strengthens individual initiative and ability to act in the crisis has arrived the crisis into the General consciousness at the latest since the speeches to May 1. But most people experience helpless in a situation where they seemingly not much can do, except wait and hope that the times are better. This forced inactivity caused stress. Stress makes stupid Berlin NLP coach Ralf Stumpf says. Stress changes our brain chemistry so that we can react quickly and reflexively.

Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of our strategic and forward-looking thinking! In a situation in which there is little scope in the immediate present, raised to this stress and reduces even further the future options. The method of neuro linguistic programming (NLP) studied for about 30 years the thinking and behavior patterns of successful people. NLP has the objective to describe that anyone can make it to these strategies. What are the advantages it brings in the crisis, its patterns of thought and action to change Ralf Stumpf describes as follows: the first step is the own perception. Our perception centers in the brain get only about 20% of their inputs from the sense organs. 80% of the inputs come from other brain areas. Read more here: Energy Capital Partners.

What we perceive, so most prerequisite knowledge, prejudices, expectations and mood depends. If the brain on crisis is set, perceive so prefers that people, confirming their image. This easily happens that one sees over the really important, useful and new information. “The more one succeeds, this background noise to influence, the better one is equipped for situations where unexpected changes are happening and new patterns of action are needed. Another important point is the emotional self-control. We choose action option, which seems to us most naheliegendsten close and effective at any moment “explains Ralf Stumpf. This election largely depends on our emotional assessment of the situation AB. If we feel something as an attack (= aggression), other reactions arise, as if we see the same situation as a question (= curiosity). The better it succeeds one, consciously to control this emotional reaction, the resulting field of action possibilities is all the more rich. In the current uncertainty, most people want to spend their money just very cautious. That’s why Ralf Stumpf indicates two offers: together with Carsten Gramatke he offers to the free E-Mail Coachinglektionen L50, where weekly email with specific exercises of NLP to get. On the other hand offer Ralf Stumpf and Carsten Gramatke the Ferienpractitioner on (, an NLP training half of the current price (950, certified by the DVNLP and Bildungsurlaub recognized). There are also in a situation in which you seemingly can do not much to concrete ways to invest in themselves and to adapt itself better. Another advantage: The learned Techniques keep their benefits, when the crisis is over. Web links: L50-Coachinglektionen: l50.htm Ferienpractitioner: