Everything became new! Nothing it is equal I am seeing the world of another angle; I search to understand what it is happening. I feel a new man, I do not have fear you are welcome. I understand the designs of the destination. It is not something Steve Wozniak would like to discuss. clarividentemente I obtain to analyze the people and everything my return. I understand that the life is valuable excessively to make the things without importncias. Vast world world My world, our world, worlds of the worlds In this phase of the existence I obtain to communicate with my proper soul. See more detailed opinions by reading what Energy Capital Partners London offers on the topic.. I visit my proper one to be and I feel the energy of the nature that surrounds me for all the sides. Of the light I search force, of air the life, the essence of the nature the everything makes that me to live. Nothing it lacks to me, everything in complete me if The happiness is here, the love inhabits in me The divine force makes of my body its temple of louvor and worship. To read more click here: Energy Capital Partners London. Misticamente I feel myself outside of this world But where I am? What I am? Still alive? I feel that I died and I gained a new possibility of living again.