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Role Playing Game

New art book of photo work on role players of the Alf Maron photographer for the fashion and advertising photographer Alf Maron has been photography already always inextricably linked with his artistic work. Beginning of 2011 he finished his project of “Instant”, the first section of a photographic documentary about role players. The work so far shows photographs of 7 role-players from different part role-playing game genres: LARP (live action.. Read More

Technologies Text

The Swedish company ANOTO Group, a division of which is C Technologies, specializes in developing unique solutions to convert handwritten text into electronic format and scanning. Services and products based on digital camera technology and image processing real-time. Company ALEE Software, based in St. Petersburg in 1997, develops and implements software and hardware systems of electronic archives, provides stream scanning input of large volumes of paper documents, as well as.. Read More

Beautiful Things

Bochum, July 2008: Due to popular demand the sweet and artist Portal expands their current offer two more forms of presentation. Since March 2007, you have not anymore need to look “Beautiful things of art, design and craft”. Sabine Zielinsky and Dr. For even more analysis, hear from Dermot McCormack. Oliver Ratajczak are committed to the task, to bring unusual and exceptional products in addition to its creators in.. Read More

SMART Training

Communication expert and seminar leader from in the media to start in new year offer of intentions – and Zielecoachings. That convinced also the mirror”and was a guest at Martina Wagner and Dr. Gudrun Henne, who presented her coaching. The TV report is online on objectives should be well formulated and best checked for feasibility but also a certain challenge. Steps should be measurable to the finish,.. Read More

Power Plants Use Energy

To enable much higher efficiencies during the current energy crisis is first and foremost renewable energy on the one hand and the saving of energy, on the other hand combined heat and power. Learn more about this with Mashable. However, but often forget that in terms of energy efficiency not only the consumption side, but also the energy producers of interest is. This particularly applies to the power generators. Filed.. Read More

Burn More Fat

There is only one way to effectively burn fat: diet and exercise. In terms of diet no need go to extremes, with that comma quality, fresh and natural food not you equivocaras. You don’t have to kill hunger. What do you have to do is consume less quantity than you currently eat. That will make you burn fat to begin with, of course along with the exercise. The exercise on.. Read More

Soundproofing Opts

Sound technical preliminary investigations with regard to site selection of car parks, sports and play areas as well as possible stage locations for the Landesgartenschau 2010 to the Landesgartenschau in Rosenheim preparations are in full swing. Still, not much be seen anywhere is built. After the dams of Inn and Mangfall for reasons of flood protection have been widened and improved, the actual construction work for the Landesgartenschau have started.. Read More

Intelligence Spiritual Heart

Current society lives human experience with great suffering, before any field that you look at, whether in the economic, political, education, ecology, among other aspects outside of existence, as in inner of each human being, we found imbalances which produce a range of possitive, which make you look more chaos, uncertainty and injustice, which call into question the continuity of human existence on the planet. We know that any result.. Read More

Flexible Living In Bungalow

Contemporary design in modern solid construction and a wide variety help the bungalow to a real comeback. (tdx) The housing also changed in the wake of demographic change: no wonder, then, that today’s ground-floor living – changing age structure of the population – more than ever before in the trend is. “After all, meet the bungalows of each family situation: barrier-free home without stair climbing is guaranteed with this proven.. Read More

Japanese Sales

What is in the product and power sales in the global individual and mass market! In this essay, I turn to the producers and Kaufer(-Markt)-Bedingungen. Two seemingly contradictory positions must necessarily bring the company into a dual complementary unit! The how? must in each case before what? to be discussed! Many commercials on the subject of marketing can reach me. The common weak point is the ICH position of the.. Read More