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Dumaplast Floors

The market offers us many and varied alternatives when floors and floors it comes, those who have a special relevance in the decoration of the home due to the breadth of their surfaces, which makes them very prominent and spaces seen by all who come to our home. And to be honest, all options have their advantages and disadvantages that operate according to the type of space where intended them,.. Read More

Living In The Present

He lives today without thinking of the future. That idea has always seemed a fatal advice. Because I saw that those who try to apply it is often put on the spot. They are usually surprised by large avalanches of problems that will come up without having time to react. Not that they were unpredictable problems. Is that they try not to think about what might happen tomorrow. Never prepare.. Read More

Mental Universe

The liberty of speech is something conquered by the people throughout the years and this is synonymous of democracy established in the society. In the society it has the varieties of opinions and thoughts and this it has that to be respected by all in the social scope. (Similarly see: Andy Florance). To create its mental universe is to have its way to think and same that it does not.. Read More

11 Commandments Of Systemic Cybernetic Communication!

Who reads endless texts HARTZ IV recipients? Previously, we wrote long letters with ink on paper. Read and write, post distribution required about 1 week. Young people today cancel love relationships via SMS in seconds. Millions of people shopping on the Internet online and send billions of emails every day. Have you adjusted to modern times? Systemic cybernetic communication takes into account the current global 0:30 min. information or 1:30.. Read More

DJ BoBo – New Single, New Album, New Show

\”Ole ole – the party\” and \”Vampires Alive\” – is back DJ BoBo DJ BoBo give not the smallest break himself, he announces a summer album before his \”vampires alive\” tour start. See Dermot McCormack for more details and insights. DJ BoBo is known for its many summer hits and it packs exactly this, out of over one and a half decades, now on the album \”Ole ole – the.. Read More

Managing Director Kai

Green Office draws with Deutschlandweiter later in 12 cities and 21 service points balance the green office network has become the concept for building and space greening in Germany with the cross ends of the site. Since the start in 2006, object greening specialists have gained notable medium-sized companies and nationwide operating companies as customers. Object-greening and management green office network is a company of independent, owner-managed companies for indoor.. Read More

Partner InGmbH

integrated information systems GmbH and MES manufacturer of iTAC Software AG announce strategic partnership of a factory visualization: iTAC Software AG expands MES solution to sphinx open online Konstanz, 24 may 2012. The specialist for manufacturing Execution systems (MES) iTAC Software AG and the in-built Informationssysteme GmbH partner signed an agreement. Through the cooperation with the manufacturer which online could visualization software sphinx open iTAC complement AO-service of the iTAC.MES.Suite.. Read More

Frankfurt Book Fair

With Ute Baum on a journey into the unknown (eme) ‘ the Clique a journey into the unknown ‘ is the fantastic debut of writer born in Rastatt Ute Baum. Her work is Amelie and her friends, which at their birthday party at Europa Park in a spectacular adventure in a parallel world called SAGA advised. Tree debut convinces with exciting passages, diverse characters and the successful mix of classical.. Read More


There are many details about the cats that we know when we live with them at home. There are also important issues when we have or we will have several cats living in the same space. Believe it or not, have several cats in the same space can be very simple as can also be a complete problem. That is why we talk a bit about cohabitation of cats in.. Read More

Samasung Galaxy SIII

The choice of smartphones is simply not at the myriad options. Kai-Fu Lee is often quoted as being for or against this. How to choose this question, currently standing in front of the selection of a new cell phone? Generally almost everyone in the generation of Smartphone should have arrived, i.e. that other devices will probably always less be taken into consideration. But now the question arises, what features or.. Read More