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Friday Microsoft

Two multinational powers in the field of technology: Nokia and Microsoft are partnering to compete with Google and Apple in the burgeoning market smart phones, in a moment in which the Finnish firm tries to recover its position as the industry leader. Nokia said that he would use Windows Phone as software platform in its equipment as part of the renovation is carried out Stephen Elop, the new Chief Executive.. Read More

Apartments Suites

Information about the possibility of overheating real estate market in Ukraine has appeared a long time. Today in the Ukrainian real estate market has slowed business activity. Consider the situation in the property market Kharkov. Rising house prices in June slowed in many areas (particularly remote from the central part of) the price level back to April of this year, given the fact that the dollar has dropped significantly. Most.. Read More

Internet Marketing

Today, Internet marketing opportunities are very large. The Web allows to convey information about services, products of the company to more consumers. Internet as a global channel allows a large choice of means to advertise, and it is this diversity lies the challenge of working with him. Most companies use the Internet to advertise their products or services, but do it one-sidedly, ie, use some form of some online advertising:.. Read More