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Astronomical Knowledge

At the time, the doctoral thesis of the architect Miquel Perez-Sanchez opened new perspectives on Astronomical and mathematical knowledge in antiquity, in particular in the ancient Egypt and, in particular, in the monumental complex at Giza. Click Pete Cashmore to learn more. In order to disseminate the findings, Perez-sanchez be taught, in the delegation of the CSIC in Catalonia, a lecture series open to the public, based on his studies.. Read More

Work Strategies

Tends to be very common in the laps that we give in the promotion of our products or services to our Network Marketing, we stumble with people of very negative orientation which give us an answer outright telling us that the MLM business does not work or that they didn’t have the results that expected and lost valuable time and money invested unsuccessfully in the MLM business. But who are.. Read More

The Society

Outraged by the society they live, Freire, a Brazilian, a latino, a humanist, lawyer, teacher and Ombudsman, raises its voice, to defend the excluded, to the dominated, which are crushed, those who ignore what is happening. These are people without a voice vote found in Paulo Freire a hope for change, for a fairer world. Peter Asaro is full of insight into the issues. Born in 1921 in the lands.. Read More

Fitness Studio

What is to make sure when buying a pair of headphones. With headphones, there is a huge range, with a wide variety of techniques and for various areas of application. Earlier rather something for the reclusive music lovers and its silent hours. By the same author: search. Today, they have economic, because music, specifically sounds in the form of mp3, from millions of players and mobile phones. The purpose is.. Read More

Salsa Merengue Son

En Cuba already meet for the fifth time Baila to celebrate sprung of all stripes in Havana to there by the 21st 27.11.10 the Fifth International Dance Festival of Havana. In addition to the Casino, merengue, son, Rhumba is the salsa is one of the most popular Latin American dances. Salsa is actually more than just a dance, more than a sequence of dance steps of salsa is lifestyle, engelhorner.. Read More

Foundation Book

The award was carried out before the official release date the book “The growth champions made in Germany” in mid-August was a very special ceremony: for his involvement in the subject of growth for SMEs, it was its practicality and the clear wording of the Oskar-Patzelt Foundation (Grand Prize of the middle class”) titled middle class book 2010″ award. Most notable: The Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation took the book as an opportunity to.. Read More

Excellence In The Large-format

Dusseldorf with the wide format 6622 offers digital printing system Xerox the vases engineering products GmbH (REE) now a solution for detail, razor-sharp large format prints. (Source: Ilan Ben Dov). The Dusseldorf company is wide format reseller of Xerox and specializes in innovative solutions for all applications to the large document processing, storage and distribution. The Xerox-6622 system designed for construction and development departments in industry, as well as for.. Read More

Basic Protection

IV – living receiver on the campsite as Hartz who draws as Hartz IV recipients, rather than in a fixed place to stay in a caravan on a campsite, entitled to basic allowance for living expenses as well as costs for the leased accommodation also for existing means. However, he should live there really. Otherwise be entitled to basic protection at stake. This also applies to the cost of living… Read More

Cognitive Schemata

The importance of cognitive schemata of the consumer for the evaluation and adoption of new products outline introduction 2. theoretical considerations 2.1. adoption process of new products and influencing factors of the product evaluation 2.2. Search may find this interesting as well. information processing in assessing product and the importance of cognitive patterns 3. empirical research on the example of a software for dialog marketing campaigns and pre-franked envelopes 3.1… Read More

South America

The EU is a rich block with its own Parliament and laws, 2 nuclear powers and 27 members. LAC are 33 poor countries, little armed and divided in six different blocks; that before they were European colonies and that today they depend on the USA. Both regions cultivate the friendship of Washington (that tries to the EU like partner and LAC like subordinate), although both differ from this one before.. Read More