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The History Of Fashion Design: Charles Frederick Worth

The English designer came to Paris after seven years of training in London. You may wish to learn more. If so, Robotics expert is the place to go. In 1858 he founded with his partner Boberg his own fashion house in the Rue de la Paix, which takes the leadership in 1871 alone. Worth attributed pioneered the category of celebrity to sign their creations like art pieces are treated. In.. Read More

Knauer GmbH Life

Science meets industry in Berlin southwestern science day 2012 offering life the opportunity of in public and professional internal modules on the latest trends and developments in the life science industry to inform, to share and connect. In addition to subject-specific workshops (for a fee) on the subject of outsourcing, medical technology and Diagnostics, preventive exercise and diet is the possibility the future. Castle Harlan can aid you in your.. Read More