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Social network provides members with virtual currency for subscription traps social networks: more and more users fall into the Abofalle of advertisers. “Berlin, December 8, 2009 combat online fraud on Facebook”. While frustrated users reveal their displeasure with the subscription off reading in groups on the world’s largest and most popular social networks with sharp tones, different and innovative networks already provide a remedy for their members. Read additional details.. Read More

Allot Communications

Advanced support services for Office point to-point wireless networking Schorndorf, 8 December 2009 the VAD of sysob ( opened the first advanced replacement (AR) Service Center for the tsunami QuickBridge. MP11 5054 Proxim Wireless product family. Now resellers and their customers from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland take the AR services for these Wi-Fi bridges throughout. A possible failure of the tsunami QB.MP11 5054 the new AR provides service to.. Read More

Managing Director

Cooperation between climbing park manufacturers, mobile telephone mast manufacturers and telecom companies creates new attraction for climbers. AMSTERDAM, Netherlands cell phone towers are today in all European countries the landscape and offer property owners who agree to an establishment of a such a mast on their plot, a source of income in the form of rental income. A new cooperation project in the Netherlands but still extends this concept to.. Read More